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Last week our blog focused on ways you can be a good client. This week we are discussing this further, so read on for more ways you can be a good client. The thing to keep in mind is that you’re not the only client she sees, so please understand her time is taken up elsewhere once your appointment is over. She will usually have another client to go to so please don’t attempt to go over your time. If you keep her past the time she’s allotted for you, she will be late to her next booking which could actually lose her money. For some of our girls, escorting is their only source of income. Remember that. You need to understand that you can’t make bribes, and you must be discreet. You cannot under any circumstances intimidate the escort with the threat of telling her family or friends if she doesn’t feel comfortable, and you must be discreet when dining out with her. You may not mind if people know you frequent escorts but the escort may want to keep it secret. Her family and friends may not know, and it is not under any circumstances tolerated when clients put our girls in positions such as these. Respect screening. You need to provide proof of identity and the reason behind that is we need to keep our girls, and you, safe.

We are a genuine agency and we don’t use your ID for anything dishonest. Please don’t visit an escort in place of counselling or therapy. Do not visit an escort of you are feeling miserable, despairing or depressed. It’s totally okay to book a slot with an escort only to talk though keep in mind that our girls cannot make your problems disappear. Don’t make her uncomfortable, and don’t show up to your booking on drugs or drunk. Homophobic, sexist, racist and otherwise provocative opinions and matters of conversation will not be allowed. Here at Manchester Incalls we are proud to have the most sensual girls around, so we ask that you keep mind how fortunate you are when you book with our escorts in Manchester. Our stunning Manchester Escorts are qualified and discreet and so we ask you show them the same consideration. You won’t be let down so book now!

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