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In Escorts Industry, undoubtedly the two words viz. “looks” and “personality” are the most important for both becoming an escort and staying in the business. At the start of her career, an escort has to be recruited through an Escorts Agency which will have a tough screening process focusing on one’s looks and personality both. Though looks play a key role in the beginning and the personality is built with training and experience gradually. Requirements of good looks will involve a charming face, a sound figure, a healthy body, sufficient curves and an attractive hair style. Considering the competition in the business due to its high monetary gains, a lot of girls enter escorts agency everyday making it tough for fresh girls to join and the experienced ones to sustain.  So, anything less than your best will not work in this service industry. But good looks are not all you need, an equally important part is played by your personality that includes your gait, your way of talking, your dressing sense, your confidence, your courtesy and everything related to your behavior and conduct. So, leaving any space ignored is only going to give advantage to other girls over you.

Let’s discuss both of them separately now.


Client’s decision to book you will entirely be based on your looks which he will see in your photographs and the details of your sizes, skin colour, height etc. displayed on the website. So, it is important to put up some of your best pictures that attract him instantly and lure him into booking you. As the client is undoubtedly interested in your body, so keep pictures both with and without clothes. Get yourself a good hair stylist who knows how to increase your beauty multifold to give you a glamorous touch.  Also, keep your makeup must be just appropriate to give you a balanced sheen. You must wear a nice perfume to look tempting. Giving yourself the best looks possible means you have succeeded in the first step towards a successful meeting. But that’s only a precursor to another equally important but far more vast area that is your personality.


Once you meet the client in your best looks, the game of your personality will begin. Your magnetic personality will ensure not only the client’s satisfaction but also good relations in future. Loyal clients are the biggest asset for an escort which is also the key to their much-required marketing. A Courteous yet assertive way of talking, a killing dressing sense, a confident gait, polite behavior are the key aspects of a god personality. Also, care has to be given to understand each client separately. A general formula may not work as you may meet a client who is struggling against loneliness or a client more interested in outdoor dating or a client interested in intimate moments. So, giving a client what he wants is possible only by identifying his needs first. After all your purpose to go to a client is his satisfaction which may not be limited to a good sex. You need to respond to their emotions within the confines of professionalism. Stay emotionally detached from them as you are not there to build a relationship. You should carry yourself in a way that leaves the client satisfied and wanting for more simultaneously. 

          A good combination of your looks and personality will give you a long stay in this Glamour demanding industry. So be at your best in all your actions.

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