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All of our escorts at Manchester Incalls know the significance of discretion and professionalism, and a good client knows that he should be discreet too. A good client wants a gorgeous girl on his arm but at the same time, while our escorts are keen to satisfy, they don’t need everyone knowing what they do for a living. A good client pays the correct money, and in the correct way. Get the cash ready and leave it on the table in front of her with a smile, then say no more. You both know money needs to change hands so don’t make a fuss of it. Make sure you pay at the start, too. Be hygienic. Understandably straight from work you might not feel your cleanest but the escort will have shower amenities and products you can use. She won’t think you’re unsanitary if you ask to use them.

In fact she will most likely be grateful, and you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Don’t ask for money off or object, or say you’re a tenner short. It’s awkward and likely to get you barred from the agency. Don’t make her do something she isn’t okay with. That’ll get you banned too. Don’t assume she’ll work outside her standard hours, or bribe her with additional cash or treats. It’s just bad conduct and escorts are human, and consequently should be treated with highest respect. Our sensual escorts are qualified and discreet, and you would want them to be hygienic and respectful so it’s only fair you extend the same consideration! Our spectacular escorts in Manchester are the elite and the best you can get so remember how fortunate you are! Our Manchester escorts are ready for you now so what are you waiting for?

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