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When it comes to offering your clients the perfect moments of intimacy with ecstasy, Escorts in Manchester can totally trust an erotic massage for the purpose. While a normal massage is aimed at only relaxing a person, an erotic massage focuses at relaxing your client as well as arousing them sexually by focusing on sensitive points and areas of his body. An erotic massage also gives you control of the activities allowing you to provide your best service without any hurry and in a calm manner.

There are certain things that you, as an cheshire escort, must ensure before performing an erotic massage on your client. At first ask your client to take a bath for the sake of hygiene and cleanliness. A range of things from ambience, things to use, lighting, music etc. can add substantially to the experience of the client. The room temperature should be pleasurable and not too cold for putting off clothes as going nude is the first pre-condition for a good erotic massage. A dim light arrangement is perfect. The entire room and the bed must be clean and tidy giving a cozy feel. To avoid any interruption ask your client to switch off his phone and keep you phone on silent mode to receive any emergency call. Importance of music can’t be denied, so a faint relaxing music can be played adding another pleasing dimension to the sensuality. Again to avoid any break in the momentum, keep necessary items like eatables, drinks, towels, oils, other lubes and condoms near the bed.

A nice smell is indispensable for making a massage delightfully erotic for your client. Scented candles, oil burners will do the job for you. At the beginning, ask your client for oil they would like to e massaged with. They must like the feel and smell of the oil and the oil must be safe for internal use. Put a towel on the bed and make him lie on his chest. Start gradually from his feet and move up with slow strokes and long sweeps. Remember your first aim is to make him relax, so focus on the entire body and remove any tension in the neck and back region. After you sense that the relaxing part is successfully done, you should notice the special regions which are sensitive to your touch.  Start giving strokes at those special points making him aroused before he turns. You make also ask him about his special points.

On the front side, it is important that your service is not limited to hands only. Try to use your tongue and kisses strategically. Before reaching the genital area of your client, make sure you tease him a little by caressing ad massaging the surrounding area of inner thighs and lower abdomen increasing his urge and anticipation. The sighs will reasonably hint you about when to move further to the finishing phase. If sex is to follow, ensure you ask for his desires as by now the sensual erotic massage would have done its job.

There a few things of escorting which you must remember for your own safety. The oil can break latex condoms, so use a body safe lube. Be vigilant about any scar or wound for avoiding a possible sexual transmission. So hot Cheshire Escorts, make your client’s stay in Manchester City the most memorable for him.

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