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Whether it’s your first time with an escort or you have had many enjoyable sessions with one, there are certain points you must know and take care for a really pleasurable and memorable experience with an escort. Escorts are trained about a lot of things and therefore expect certain courtesies from their clients. There are also some unwritten rules that you must follow while hiring an escort.

Knowing some of them will present you as a gentleman to her and make her show her best to you.

The websites of escort agencies or independent escort mention the services an escort offers and sex is by default included in services. Escort industry is totally legal in the UK so be confident about your date with the escort of choice. There are two types of services viz. outcall and in-call which mean you call escort to your place or visit her in her own apartment respectively. Also don’t forget to check the reviews and confirm the genuineness of the displayed photographs of the escort you have chosen.

While booking some of your personal details will be taken which the escort will confirm with you to ensure she is with the right person and can perform her job safely. For an in-call service, your mobile number is necessary for coordination and to inform you in case of any change in plan. You need to phone the escort upon arriving outside her address so that she can let you in conveniently. For an outcall service, landline number is preferred by most agencies due to increasing fake bookings. If you are staying in a hotel room, you are likely to be called through reception.   

                Cash is the only accepted mode of payment Escort Industry and you are expected to keep the agreed amount ready in cash and hand it over to your escort as soon as you meet her.  This is the first sign of a gentleman in this industry.

                Any friend shouldn’t accompany you during your date with her neither should one visit you during the same. She may leave the meeting if such a thing happens.

Your escort is a normal person like and she may even be doing escort service part time. So there is no need to be rude to her. Like any other normal person she would like a courteous you and would love to receive a gift or flower from you. If you chat with her without jumping straight to sex, she will surely give you a good company and will have a lot of things to share with you. Although they are trained to be emotionally detached, they are free to respond to your emotions without being attached to you. Treating her like a sex object is only going to make your session dull.

They will generally turn down your offer for a drink or a beverage but still if you wish to insist make sure that you open the bottle in front of her. Ask for her choice if plan a dinner with her and don’t meet her drunk as this will appear rude. Make sure you take a bath before your meeting with her so you look and smell nice and she doesn’t find you repelling.

And finally after your session, don’t forget to give your companion of happy times good reviews.

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